Internal links to optimize SEO for your website in 2022

Internal links to optimize SEO for your website in 2022

Internal links to optimize SEO for your website in 2022

The internal link provides a reference to another website on the same website. The page navigation or the hit lists lead the Internet visitors to their destination. The internal links are set directly in the text, the relevance of the website is increased by the internal linking. The desired “Link Juice” and the desired “Link Power” are forwarded from the main page to the sub-pages.

The time users spend on the website increases and the search engine optimization (SEO) of the website is not relevant without internal links. SEO reasons for improving the ranking of website operators and increasing user-friendliness are two reasons that speak in favor of internal linking. If you are a blogger then you should know about Internal links to optimize SEO for your website in 2022. You can also refer to Best Search Engine Optimization Tips For Your Website.

The placement of the links can be chosen freely

Compared to external links, internal links can be placed flexibly , the number of links is freely chosen. Keyword spamming must be avoided in any case with the linked texts, the number, the structure and the placement of internal links are carried out professionally. Visitors should find their way around the Internet on this internally linked website. Too many internal links can be a stumbling block; more than 400 links not only unbalance internet visitors, but also search engines.

Internal links to optimize SEO for your website in 2022

The standard rule is that each link power per link increases as the number of links decreases. Less is more is the SEO motto for internal linking, every link must provide a decisive added value. Topic-relevant links lead to the goal, the visitor gets a professional insight into the clearly structured topic. The first link is taken into account by Google in the case of multiple links; a few clicks are important to get from the main page to the sub-page.

Separate important links from unimportant links

Links are classified as important by Google if

  • The beginning of the text is suitable for the placement.
  • The link is in the main area of ​​the page and not in the footer or sidebar.
  • Colors or underlining emphasize the link as optically important features.
  • The link target must be relevant to the website on which the link is placed.
  • the number of visitors to the linked page is high.
  • the links on the website are limited.

Targeted use of link power as an internal link structure

Internal nofollow links are to be avoided as a matter of principle, otherwise link power will not be transferred to the linked pages. Valuable link juice is lost when links are made to non-existent pages. The optimization potential of the website is expanded through the internal linking. The subject area is extensive, and if you follow certain tips, you will find your way around more easily.

Creating relevance for the new page becomes easier if the existing content is checked before new content is published in order to improve the ranking. Each subpage can be reached with two clicks from the start page using the HTML sitemap.

Having the website tested is another optimization option. A test person you have chosen searches for certain information without knowing your website. Will the test person immediately find what they are looking for or are there one or more weak points in the internal linking? External and internal links are most often found on the home page. Internal links achieve a higher link power via backlinks if more link juice is inherited.

Inheriting link juice means understanding how the internal link works. The meaning of the content of the website is determined by three types of links (incoming, outgoing, internal).

Exclusive internal links will become your trademark

Not every link on the page has the same value; links with a high click probability have the desired added value because they can inherit more link juice. Among other things, this depends on:

  • Where is the successful internal link placed?
  • Was it in the content area or in the sidebar?
  • Is the number of visitors high or low?
  • Does the integration of the link fit thematically to the content topic?
  • Is there a clear anchor text with internal links?
  • Have short, mid or long tail combinations been built in as internal links?
  • Have the underline or the colored highlighting been chosen to make the link visually visible?
  • Many or a few internal links compete for user favor


Placing internal links at random irritates internet visitors and search engines. With the targeted placement of the clearly marked links, which are limited in number, linked symbols can be set, which the interested user rewards with more clicks and a long dwell time. So in this article we have learnt about Internal links to optimize SEO for your website in 2022.

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