Earning money as a Blogger in 2022

Earning money as a Blogger in 2022

Earning money as a Blogger in 2022

If you want to earn money on the Internet, you can use a blog to operate a special genre of a website or regularly fill it with relevant content, because this is what matters. Basically, it is a kind of virtual diary in which specific topics are reported on in an authentic way.

Earning money as a Blogger

The thematic spectrum ranges from travel and fashion to tips for the kitchen. The topic of the blog must of course suit the blogger, he must feel at home here and also know his way around After all, his expert opinion on things is in demand. And since there are countless blogs in the fields of fashion and travel, a niche topic would also be a promising factor in order to be able to earn money on the Internet. In the following article, all important aspects in this regard are to be examined in a compact manner.

What blogging is all about?

As with any successful website, it is particularly important for a blog that it is read by as many visitors as possible every day. If you want to earn money with a blog on the Internet, you need high traffic. As a result, the blog achieves a good ranking and good visibility and findability. Furthermore, it becomes an interesting marketing place for affiliate marketing. Anyone who can show a lot of traffic becomes paid advertising can place and thus provide income.

In order to place the blog successfully and to gain a large fan base and retain it in the long term, regular efforts are required. After all, the followers want to be provided with the latest news. Even if the money is earned passively through advertising revenue, it is of course necessary to bring in active work.

Earning money as a Blogger

However, each blogger sets the pace and working hours himself, so that it is a very flexible form of working from home is, which can also be practiced conveniently alongside one’s job. And if there is a great passion for a certain topic, you can ideally earn money with the hobby in virtual home work. In many blogs there is also lively communication via comment functions, so that regular efforts are also required here beyond writing and researching.

Earn money on the Internet with a blog

Bloggers who want to make money should be aware that the content should be able to generate as much traffic as possible. Once this is done, the blog becomes interesting for advertisers who target a specific target group want to achieve as accurately as possible. Good money can be earned by placing topic relevant advertising, whereby the specific amount depends not only on the conditions but also on the volume of traffic. So if you manage to sell paid advertising space on your blog, you use affiliate marketing as a source of income.

It would also be possible to earn money with links to shop pages by getting a commission on every item sold. Since the pages and products are relevant to the topic, this type of ads is usually not perceived as annoying by blog readers, so that bloggers do not harm themselves. Anyone who reads a very interesting travelogue on a blog, for example, will certainly not be completely averse to a current travel guide for this region.

Earning money as a Blogger

Anyone who writes about the latest technology in cars will also be able to link to the corresponding parts in specialist shops. Another way to earn money as a blogger on the Internet is to sell specialist articles. It also happens that bloggers express their specialist opinions as guest authors on other portals. It can only be that certain formal specifications (text length, relevant keywords, etc.) have to be taken into account.

If a blog is successful, it becomes an interesting link target for other relevant pages. The ranking can be improved sustainably through links. In this respect, money could also be earned by setting so-called backlinks. A positive side effect is that your own blog also benefits from external links, as this can generate new traffic and new followers.

Earning potential as a blogger on the Internet

From the above considerations it should be clear that a successful blog requires a lot of regular work, which can, however, be done well as a part-time job. There are numerous examples of successful bloggers who can make a good living from the income. However, this requires very high traffic rates. Anyone who sees a blog more as a hobby can certainly earn a low to medium three-digit sum a month with advertising revenue.

Earning money as a Blogger

It follows that high income also requires very high traffic rates. Incidentally, the same applies to anyone with their own YouTube channel want to earn money on the internet. Ultimately, the specific conditions and your own negotiating skills also determine the amount of possible income. Small differences can have a big effect here, If you are already paid for viewing an advertisement, you can of course earn a lot more than with a necessary click. In every respect, bloggers have the earning potential in their own hands or in their typing fingers.

Key to success in money blogging

In general, success is defined by the ‘right’ topic and one’s own specialist knowledge. Ideally, bloggers can be the first to occupy an interesting niche and thus provide readable added value that binds followers permanently. Ultimately, a blog must be commercially interesting in order to be able to earn money with it. Regular work and patience is required until the income is at a certain reliable level.

Nobody should be under any illusions: it just takes time to promote a website with high-quality content and a fan base has to be won first. In this respect, the start is bumpy and uncertain, as is also the case with most start-ups. The following ingredients for success have proven to be key in practice.

Clear topic for a specific target group

A well-defined topic is required for success. With a niche being a clear strategic advantage given the flood of blogs. Advertising can only be sold if the readership of the blog and thus the target group can be clearly defined. Ultimately, the advertising placed by providers must be as target-focused as possible.

This only works with a clear content orientation, also to clearly stand out from the competition. Bloggers should also realize that advertising can only work if it is thematically related to the blog. On a yoga blog, it is unlikely that a reader will click on an auto-tuning ad. This shows again that the block or topic should be commercially usable.

At least 3-digit traffic required per day

Earning money as a Blogger

This number makes it clear why staying power is needed, especially at the beginning. As a rough guide, experts give the threshold of 800-900 visitors or readers per day, from which one can speak of significant income. If you want to make a living from your blog without being able to get rich with it, you need approx. 20,000 readers per day as an approximate guideline, i.e. more than half a million a month.

It follows that the content has to be really good in order to engage that many people over a longer period of time. Even if the advertising revenue brings in money more or less passively, the blogger has to bring in a lot of active passion for the requirements.

More success through a strong network

Earning money as a Blogger

If you have a wide-ranging network, you can link your own blog to relevant pages and thus ensure more traffic and better visibility. Even with a niche area, bloggers should not isolate themselves, as this is absolutely counterproductive for the reach of their own content. If you have developed high-quality and interesting content and your own style, you do not have to be afraid of links to supposed competitors. And perhaps your own readers will also find it interesting to be specifically directed to other content.


Anyone who is enthusiastic about a topic, has in-depth knowledge and has the desire and time to put a lot of continuous work into a blog will be able to earn good money on the side after an initial dry spell. In the majority of cases, it will probably stay with a side income that can be flexibly realized alongside your main job or studies. In order to really be able to live from a blog as the main source of income, very high daily traffic rates are necessary. This can only be achieved if you have already made a name for yourself.

It should be mentioned that a blog can in principle be run by anyone, but the goal of making a profit requires a good knowledge of search engine marketing. Speaking of making a profit, If you want to generate income on a permanent basis, Register business. Even smaller additional earnings must be declared in the tax return, whereby they are relieved by the planned allowances.

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Summary : Earning money as a Blogger

  • Earning money with the hobby: A topic should be covered in which the blogger has in-depth knowledge and not many blogs exist yet
  • Many successful blogs occupy a niche as a unique selling point
  • Regular and high-quality content should attract as many readers as possible. This is the basic requirement to be able to earn money with placed advertising revenue (keyword affiliate marketing)
  • Bloggers can also earn money as guest authors or with paid articles
  • In addition to a clear target group, at least four-digit daily traffic rates, a wide-ranging network appears to be a central prerequisite for sustainable success
  • Since the matter is quite complex overall, bloggers should have a certain level of expertise in the field of search engine optimization/affiliate marketing

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