Best SEO Tips to Improve your Google Ranking

Best SEO Tips to Improve your Google Ranking in 2022

Best SEO Tips to Improve your Google Ranking in 2022

If you want to improve the Google ranking of your homepage, you have to optimize it for search engines. We’ll show you the best SEO tips and how to use them to get up on Google. When it comes to search engine, google is one of the top most utilized among the list.

Keywords Placement to Improve your Google Ranking

If you want your page to be right at the front, it is not enough to just randomly place the keywords. Put your keyword in the right places so that the Google Crawler recognizes its relevance.

  • If you place the keyword of your homepage in the domain, you will noticeably improve your Google ranking. If your website is about the automotive industry, it is worth including the keyword “automotive industry” in the address.
  • Use headings from the <hx> grouping. You should use exactly one <h1> heading per page and place the keyword there. If we stay with the above example, your headline on the start page should read, for example, “<h1> Your Keyword </h1>.

Best SEO Tips to Improve your Google Ranking in 2022

  • Include all of the keywords in the first sentence of a page. In the rest of the text, you should achieve a keyword density of around two percent – ten times for 500 words.
  • Include your keywords in the meta description of a page. It doesn’t appear on the homepage, but in the Google search results and pushes your page up.

5 Tips to Improve your Blog’s Visibility in Search Engine

Link Building

For the Google search engine, links are one of the three most important evaluation criteria. Fill your website with enough links in text and images

Best SEO Tips to Improve your Google Ranking in 2022

  • Link to high-quality articles from your side. However, do not build keywords into links when referring to the competition. Otherwise you will optimize the Google ranking of the competition and give yourself a disadvantage.
  • Maintain both dofollow and nofollow links. Write [rel = “nofollow”] in tags that are irrelevant for the search engine (eg: for internal print view). This causes less data traffic.
  • Be careful not to link to any of the 3P (pills, porn, poker) sites. This will be negatively marked on your link profile. You should also make sure to place new links regularly, as continuity plays a big role for Google.
  • Make use of the alt attributes of images. You place an alt attribute by adding alt = “x” to the source code <img src = “x”>. A corresponding picture code would be, for example: <img alt = “wordpress blogging” src = “”>

Creating Backlinks

Backlinks are just as important. These are links on other websites that refer to yours. The more different domains link to a website and the more different backlinks a website gets, the more popular it becomes.

Best SEO Tips to Improve your Google Ranking in 2022

How do I get a backlink now? There are all sorts of options for doing this. For example, you can write guest posts on other sites – especially blogs and forums. Here you can set a link to your website.

  • Send out press releases or have your product or service tested by external parties. This not only gives you more media presence, but also a link back to your homepage.
  • Exchange links with other sites. But always make sure that your partners also have a proper link profile. Since Google considers mutual linking to be unnatural, it is advisable to establish an ABC connection. This is a construct of at least 3 websites that circumvent the above.
  • Share your content on social networks. Postings on Facebook, Twitter and Co are the ideal area for backlinks.

If your content is good then, you will get backlinks automatically.

Improve Google Ranking: One Page, One Keyword

Best SEO Tips to Improve your Google Ranking in 2022

The most common mistake made by website owners is to frequently use the same keyword under the same address. Google lists individual pages in its search results, not the entire address. So if you have a homepage with 5 different pages, these pages will compete with each other. To take advantage of this competition, follow these points:

  • Use each keyword only once. If you operate a portal on the topic of the blogging industry, you should only fill the homepage with the keyword “blogging industry”.
  • Use a different but suitable keyword for posts or pages that deal with the same topic. For example, if you run a news blog, you should assign a separate keyword to each post.
  • If you use a keyword multiple times, your page may end up on the first page in Google multiple times. However, this is of little use, as the seeker would have found you anyway.

Insert more tags

Google penalizes websites if the keyword density is too high. In a blog, it happens quickly that a keyword ends up on the overview page very often. To prevent this, you should place “more tags” – these are breaks that hide your articles except for a short introduction. Instead, a “read on” link appears, which your visitors can use to get to the article.

  • If you use WordPress or another content management system, you will find More tags as a button in the text editor.
  • If you are not using a CMS, you have to shorten the post on the overview page of your blog and manually set a “read on” link that directs your visitors to the entire text.

These are small but some most effective tips to rank on google. Please do apply these tips while write ant blog post. Also if you like this post then please do share to keep us writing more like this.

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