Best Blogging Platform for New Bloggers

Best Blogging Platform for New Bloggers in 2022

Best Blogging Platform for new bloggers in 2022

Everyone who wants to build a website or start a blog has to ask themselves a few questions: Which platform do I want to use and which option is the best for me?

Best Blogging Platform for New Bloggers in 2022

Especially for beginners it is difficult to dig through the flood of providers. Well-known platforms are  Blogger, Tumblr, and many more. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages and some are paid and some are free. In this article we will see the best blogging platform for new bloggers in 2022.

How new bloggers can select best blogging platform?

When you think of starting a blog or a website usually you look for a web hosting and try to compare them to find the best among the web hosting providers.

Best Blogging Platform for New Bloggers in 2022

Similarly it is equally important to select the correct blogging platform. You cannot change the blogging platform again and again hence it is equally important to select at the beginning of the blog. When selecting a blogging platform, you have to consider a few parameters which makes a lot of difference in your blog and blogging.

1. Cost

As a new blogger an initial investment is needed in terms of buying a domain and hosting for better performance and flexibility. However you have to consider how much money you are putting in. For blogging there are many free platform available. Your expenses can be reduced depending on which platform you choose.

2. Customization

When you start a blog you  think of a design for your blog. Design is also one of the most important aspect of your blog. Google recommends to have your blog neat and clean. This also requires a proper navigation in your blog. Now to make all these customizations your blog platform should allow it. There are many other blogging platform which do not allow to to customize completely as per your need.

Best Blogging Platform for New Bloggers in 2022

For example does not allow to use 3rd party plugins, while does allow full customization. Even some blogging platforms allow to  use templates and themes for further customization. Blogger can be used free of charge, but requires a certain level knowledge to use it. Without proper knowledge it could be a little complicated for beginners.

3. Mobile Friendliness

These days mobile devices are taking over desktop computers. As mobile devices are getting more and more powerful hence we can do more with our mobile phones. More users are using mobiles to access all information throughout the world.

Considering this scenario you blog and website should be mobile friendly. You have to consider this criteria while choosing a platform to support your blog for mobile friendliness. As per Google, mobile-friendly website is a key requirement to boost your ranking.

4. Easy of Use

Being a new blogger we are complete novices. Choosing any blogging platform which is bulky and difficult to use can be frustrating. You should always consider looking for a good blogging platform which is easy to implement and can be customizable.

5. Hosting

Now this is one of the most important point to get your blog running smoothly with out any interruptions. Good hosting will provide your users better performance and speed in your blog. Before you select any hosting you should focus on below points.

  • Uptime
  • Cost
  • Plan (Server Type)
  • Support


Below are some of the pros and cons of major blogging or website platform provider.




  • It’s free

  • Very easy to use

  • It offers responsive themes and templates.

  • You can upgrade to a premium plan seamlessly.

  • You cannot use plugins.

  • Your customization is limited.

  • WordPress owns your content and as such, can delete it whenever they want.

  • You can use WordPress plugins.

  • You own all the content.

  • You are fully in control of your blog.

  • It is Search Engine Optimized.

  • There are tons of WordPress themes, templates and plugins.

  • It can be a bit challenging to set up at first.

  • You have to get a domain and hosting to get online.

  • Easy setup and use.

  • No Hosting needed and you get a sub-domain

  • It is more old-fashioned in its design

  • Not much customization options are available 

  • It is free

  • It is super easy to use

  • It is super popular for consumers of content

  • There are no plugins available

  • It has fewer features than other blogging platforms

  • Easy to use interface.

  • They have great typography settings

  • You can get assistance from the community to improve your content

  • There is only one design

  • Medium controls all your content

Tumblr is used worldwide and its concept is especially popular with young people. Tumblr can be described as a mixture of microblog and social network. Along with Tumblr, is one of the best-known and largest providers. Here, too, you should have prior technical knowledge, but if you still have questions, they will be answered relatively quickly by the huge community. Bloggers can use this platform free of charge.

Free & Paid Blogging Platforms

Many blog providers advertise and lure with the fact that you can create your own blog quickly and free of charge. However, which option you choose should be carefully considered and serve your purpose. If you see blogging more as a hobby, you can use free providers, they do nothing for your company. However, if you are planning on building a serious business, then it is better to avoid such websites.

If you want to build a successful website, it should be allowed to cost something, namely time and money. It is entirely up to you what you are willing to invest. Some popular providers such as or Google’s offer free registration, with the option of purchasing additional features afterwards.

The advantages of a free blog are that no or hardly any technical know-how is required and the registration is very simple and fast, so that the blog is immediately available and can get started. In addition, many free platforms have a large community so that you can quickly get advice and tips.

A rather negative aspect is that the layout is kept quite simple and that you have to pay for individual designs. In general, you are very limited in terms of design, functionality, file access and the options for customizing your website. In addition, these providers usually set up a whole series of rules that must be followed and adhered to, for example with regard to advertising. It may be that your blog can be plastered with advertising, of which you of course don’t see a cent.

Best Blogging Platform for New Bloggers in 2022

If you intend to invest money in your website, you will face advantages and disadvantages here as well. The advantages of a paid blog provider are the freer design and customization options. An individual and personal presentation of the blog makes it look more professional. As far as advertising on the blog is concerned, you can freely decide whether and to what extent this should be switched, there is no automated advertising by the provider.

Negative aspects of a paid blog system are the technical requirements. To make the blog more individual and complex, a lot more know-how is required. Freer and more detailed design options also mean that more time has to be invested in the blog. Even if the blog subscriptions are not extremely expensive, you have to calculate with monthly or annual financial expenses. You should be careful here, because the costs can accumulate quickly.

For example, if you use the free version of WordPress, but want to add some features, the whole thing can quickly look like this: You buy the custom domain ($ 17 per year), then you pay for the ad-free option, i.e. no automated advertising on yours Blog ($ 29.97 a year) and then you want the Custom Design Upgrade ($ 30 a year) and that brings you to a total of $ 76.97 and you still don’t have full control over your blog.


Which option is for you now is entirely up to you. If you are a hobby blogger who is not necessarily looking to make big money with the blog, then the free version may be more suitable for you. However, if you’re looking to embark on a professional blogging career, it makes more sense to pay for full service so that you ultimately have more control and a better performance. Hope you like this Best Blogging Platform for New Bloggers in 2022.

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