Best 5 Hosting Platforms for new bloggers WordPress

Best 5 Hosting Platforms for new bloggers WordPress

Best 5 Hosting Platforms for new bloggers WordPress

If you are planning to start a new blog then you might have come across the term hosting. Hosting is one of the most important factor in when it comes to blogging.

If you have a good hosting then it creates a difference with other blogs or websites. A good hosting can increase the performance of your blog. There are multiple hosting platforms that are available.

So today in this article we are going to discuss about Best 5 Hosting Platforms for new bloggers WordPress blogs and websites.

Web Hosting

A blog or website is a combination of pictures, files and text. In order to keep this pictures and text somewhere where it can be accessible 24/7 it requires a server. In a server a small amount of storage is given to you along with the processing power (CPU and RAM).

Best 5 Hosting Platforms for new bloggers WordPress

The server is also equipped with a high speed network connectivity to access these files and pictures from anywhere. Now this arrangement is called a hosting where you host or keep your files and pictures related to your blog or website.

A server has a capability to handle huge amount of traffic and it can run 24/7 * 365 days. This fulfills our  requirement which helps to we post our websites and blogs in these hosting platforms. Some service provides provide the small part of servers for rent.

Why do we need web hosting?

You can use your own laptop and host your website directly from there. But, why do you need a web hosting? To run our blog or website available 24/7, our laptop or desktop cannot provide that performance.

Laptop or desktop can run for a limited amount of time as they are meant for personal use only. You will also need high bandwidth internet connectivity which is more expensive.

Below are some points to consider to get a web hosting.

  • Your blog or website will be available all the time
  • No need to think about infrastructure like server, Network, storage etc.
  • You will have full control of your website.

Free Vs Paid Web Hosting

When you think about hosting your website or blog then you have two options. Either you have to go with free hosting or a paid hosting. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of free and paid web hosting.

So, here is the comparison between a paid and a few web hosting.


Storage is the most important factor of web hosting. You will need a good amount of storage space for the files of your website.

Best 5 Hosting Platforms for new bloggers WordPress

Free hosting generally keeps the storage level low. Usually, it is in a range of 500MB – 2000MB and this storage is not enough if you have an e-commerce site.

Paid web hosting generally provides a high storage space. As per your requirement you can opt for web hosting with unlimited storage space.


Bandwidth which is also known as traffic, is the amount of data transferred from the server of the web host to your site in a given amount of time. If you want your website to load faster, then the bandwidth has to be high. This helps to communicate and send the files at a high speed.

Free web hosting generally has a low bandwidth which makes your website load slow and impacts the users performance which might lead to user’s frustration.

A paid web hosting usually has a high level or unlimited bandwidth which makes your website super fast and good performer.


Security is one of the most important aspect of your website. If your website is not secured then it might be a victim of web hacking. It might also become a threat to users data and activity. If your website is secure then it gains the user’s trust as well.

Free web hosting does not ensure that your site stays secure and protected from malicious viruses or anything else which is harmful.

These days almost all hosting services offer a SSL certificate to secure your website. It allows you to add HTTPS:// before your website’s domain. It also protects your website from from viruses, malwares and other harmful bots. Let’s take a look at best 5 Hosting Platforms for new bloggers WordPress.


Web hosting also plays a major role when it comes to ranking. This can have a severe effect on your ranking as you should have a high-quality domain for ranking.

Free web hosting always provide you a subdomain which affects your website ranking.

In paid web hosting, you can add custom domain of your choice after registering it. Some paid hosting subscriptions also provide a free domain. This helps you a lot when it comes to ranking your website.


These days Google has put user experience as one of the most important parameter for ranking your website. This has a direct relation with the performance of your website which includes its loading speed, layout, look, user satisfaction.

Free web hosting does not offer a good loading speed and therefore the user experience is not good. Also, if too many visitors visit your site, it can stop functioning properly.

In a paid web hosting offers a good loading speed and a high-quality performance. You have variety of options available during e.g. VPS hosting, Cloud, dedicated server etc.


Best 5 Hosting Platforms for new bloggers WordPress

After sale support or customer support for a service is very important. In case of any issue on you website or blog, you contact customer support.

For free web hosting services does not offer 24/7 customer support or priority customer support for you hosting. Even if they provide support on a free product, it will be very limited scope of support.

If you have opted for paid web hosting service, they offer 24/7 customer support with experts solving your problem quickly.

Best 5 Hosting Platforms for new bloggers WordPress

Now let us look at the best hosting platform for new bloggers.

Web Hosting

Tech Spec


Best Buy

Blue Host

Average site load time: 4 seconds

Uptime: 99.98%

Customer Support: 24/7 customer support with live chat, knowledge base, contact numbers for countries like India, USA, etc.

Features: One-click installation for WordPress, free SSL certificate, free domain (.com, .org, etc) for 1 year, unlimited bandwidth and storage space


Average site load time: 4 seconds

Uptime: 99.9%

Free Hosting Migrations

24/7 Chat with Experts

Free SSL certificate

Free Content

Delivery Network

Unlimited bandwidth and storage


Average site load time: 3 seconds

Uptime: 99.99%

24/7 support with live chat

Cloud servers by Google, free SSL certificate, free business email, site migration for free


Average site load time: 3.5 seconds

Uptime: 99.78%

24/7 customer support with live chat, contact numbers, knowledge base

Free site transfer and frequent backups, servers optimized according to WordPress, unlimited bandwidth and storage, free SSL certificate for 90 days


Average site load time: 2 seconds

Uptime: 99.54%

24/7 customer support with live chat, knowledge base

Free business email account, unlimited bandwidth, storage space, free SSL certificate, free domain

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In this post we have covered some important topics related Best 5 Hosting Platforms for new bloggers WordPress. We have covered what is web hosting, why do we need web hosting, free vs. paid hosting. Also we have discussed about the best hosting providers  for beginners.

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