6 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for New Bloggers

6 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for New Bloggers in 2022

6 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for New Bloggers in 2022

If you are blogging then you might have thought of earing from your blog. Isn’t it? These days there are many ad networks in the market and choosing from these ad network is bit difficult incase you are a new blogger.

This is a very informative article which will help you to choose an advertising network out of 6 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for New Bloggers. An advertisers network that connects online advertisers with website or blog owners.

We will discuss why you might need a different ad network for your blog/website. Also, we’ll explore the best ad networks which works alternative to Adsense and can be used to quickly monetize your new blog or website.

How these ads work to generate revenue?

6 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for New Bloggers

Populating ads on you blog or website is completely automated task. The algorithm will find out the best places where the ads can be placed on a website.

When users visit your blog or website, these ads are visible. If the user takes any action like  clicking on them or making a purchase through the ad, then you receive a commission and the remaining amount goes to the network.

If you search for an ad network to monetize you blog or website, then you will come across Google AdSense. Adsense is the most popular pay-per-click (PPC) program on the web. It is used on 10 million websites due to lightweight, reliable and offers publishers a fair share of revenue generated from clicks.

Why we need an AdSense Alternative?

Getting a Adsense approval for your new blog or site is not that easy. We have listed out some common and valid reasons to opt for a Adsense alternative.

Eligibility Requirements

When you are applying for Google Adsense program, you have to adhere google policies to get an Adsense approval on your new blog or websites. Google is too strict about adhering the policies and they will run a through check on you new blog or website to check any policy violation. Some new blogs/website owners are not aware of these policies and they get rejected for Google Adsense approval.

Minimum Payout

Every ad network has a minimum threshold amount set, upon achieving that you payment will be released. For Adsense the threshold is $100, which is tough to achieve for new bloggers. hence it takes months to reach $100 and here you can register you blog or website with low payout ad networks.

Sharing Revenue

AdSense provides 68% to its publishers, which they generates by ads on their website. The sharing amount is good and really competitive. Few  ad network provide even a greater share than Adsense. The only requirement is you need a good blog or website with a steady and quality traffic.

Ad Customization

Some promotion networks let you customize the look of your advertisements to your site or blogs theme. This helps to sync the ads in a better way with your blog content. The customization helps you to change the color, and different sized of ads, which is more adaptable than AdSense permits.

Best for Your Blog

Big advertisement networks like Google AdSense are built to show ads on any kind of website in terms of size. Assuming you’re searching for an advertisement supplier that works straightforwardly with you and can construct an exclusively fit ads for your particular blog, it’s a good idea to search out an option in contrast to AdSense.

Additional Revenue Sources

Rather than removing AdSense, you may need an ads network that can run along with your website parallelly with AdSense, to generate an extra income. There will be no issue with your Adsense account as long as you stay inside the AdSense policy.

There are many good alternatives that you can try if you are facing any of the situation above. Let’s look at the 6 Best Google Adsense Alternatives for New Bloggers.

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Monetizing New Blogs for Quick Approval

Most of the bloggers will think about monetizing their blogs after putting so much of hard effort on it. If you are thinking of getting a quick approval from Adsense and other big Ads network, then it will be not that easy. As a new blogger if you start with other ad network which provides quick approval even with a least traffic, that helps you to boost you confidence.

Top Ad Network for new Bloggers

Ads Network

Minimum Payout

Ad Format

Payout Method

Sign up link


$5 USD

Push Notifications
In-Page Push
Direct Links

Wire Transfer


$25 USD

In-Page Push Notifications
Native Web Ads

Wire Transfer


$5 USD


Wire Transfer


$10 USD




$10 USD

Pop Unders Sliders Smartlinks
XML Programmatic

Wire Transfer


$20 USD

Display Banner Button Interstitial

Pop Ads Shadow Box Slider Top Banner



PayPal Payoneer

Wire Transfer

Propeller Ads


  • No minimum traffic requirement
  • Wide range of payment options
  • Low payment terms and threshold


  • Lower revenue for non-English sites
  • Low CPM on the low-quality website
  • No header bidding

Header bidding is one of the most powerful monetization methods available for publishers today. As the company doesn’t offer header bidding, PropellerAds publishers miss out on this technology and its benefits.



  • Several ad formats to choose from.
  • All kinds of traffic is welcome on Adcash.
  • Innovative tools that facilitate high earning potential.
  • Multiple payment options
  • Availability of anti-adblock solutions
  • No additional charges for processing transactions
  • Queries are answered promptly


  • No referral program for publishers
  • Lower CPM rates than what is offered in the market

Pop Ads


  • Real-time reports and charts for close monitoring
  • No minimal traffic requirement
  • Advertisers are huge including Southern Asia, North American, Australia, Western Europe, and India.
  • Complete control over number and types of pop unders shown to visitors.
  • Publishers can choose the minima bid they’ll accept
  • It offers both desktop and mobile traffic.
  • It supports all types of sites and niches including adult, dating, and more.
  • Conversion rate is huge


  • Annoying as they cover up most of the area
  • Pop-Up Blockers
  • Found to be Spams
  • Ads are often not relevant as per the content of your blog or website



  • Availability of multiple payment methods.
  • Can be used along with Google Adsense, given that the publisher is not using more than 3 popunder ad networks, ad per Google’s guidelines.
  • User-friendly interface and self-serve platform
  • Quick approval of website
  • High CPM rates
  • 24/7 support which is offered via Skype and Email
  • Low minimum payment threshold
  • 10% Referral Program
  • Payments are processed on a daily basis


  • Only popunder ad format is supported
  • No managed services



  • Automated approval process
  • AdSense compatibility
  • Low payment threshold


  • No ad matching
  • Complicated advertiser selection
  • Low earning for non-US traffic

Revenue Hits


  • AdSense alternative
  • Cost per action model
  • Partnerships with 5000+ advertisers
  • Publisher control and transparency


  • No real-time reporting
  • Only supports display ads
  • Can’t bring your own demand

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