10 Ways to do Affiliate Marketing without your own blog

10 Ways to do Affiliate Marketing without your own blog

10 Ways to do Affiliate Marketing without your own blog

10 Ways to do Affiliate Marketing without your own blog

Not everyone wants to start their own blog right from the start in order to earn money on the Internet. With partner programs (affiliate marketing) it is easy to do it. But there are many ways to promote affiliate programs without having your own blog or niche site. In this article we will see 10 ways to do Affiliate Marketing without your own blog.

Affiliate Marketing with YouTube

Create your own YouTube channel on a topic that interests you and that can be marketed well with partner programs, for example the topic of home decorations. If you love decorating your home by yourself then you get them on Amazon because there are huge variety of products available there. You create new videos every day or several times a week, and share it. Also include suitable partner programs in the video description.

10 Ways to do Affiliate Marketing without your own blog

Alternative: You look for products that you have bought and do a video review. People love reviews and trust reviews, don’t betray the trust, but be honest with your viewers and only promote products that you have actually tested.

Affiliate Marketing through third-party blogs

Here other people generate visitors for you, you rent a banner advertising space for a suitable partner program, for example in a fitness blog with the target group: people who want to lose weight, a video course on the subject of losing weight. When doing so, pay attention to the number of visitors and use Alexa.com to get a sense of whether the page might be of interest. You have to take a few hours to find the right blogs and also have the necessary financial means and you must not give up after 2 blogs, but should try at least 10 blogs at the same time, since numbers and feelings can be deceiving.

Market Foreign YouTube Channels

There are many good YouTube channels that do not use any affiliate links in the link description, but have well over 10,000 subscribers. Analyze which YouTube channels would be good to market and with which partner programs and write to the appropriate YouTube channel owners and have the appropriate links included in the video description of each video. Example: Someone runs a YouTube channel on the topic of time management, here you could post links to video courses. Get involved on the subject of time management.

Use advertising platforms for your Affiliate Marketing

10 Ways to do Affiliate Marketing without your own blog

Using advertisement platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn and so on you can run a ad campaign. With a limited amount of money and customizing audience you can get a good response. For any product you choose, have to decide the target audience and these advertisement platforms will serve the ads to them.

Use Social Media

10 Ways to do Affiliate Marketing without your own blog

Especially if you have several hundred Facebook friends, it can be worth using an affiliate link. If you want to recommend something, for example you found a good book on Amazon. Additional items are often purchased from Amazon, so that money can be easily made for almost every generation. This way of additional income is also very easy for retirees to implement.

Tap into other people’s social media channels

At Fiverr.com (for $5) and similar sites you can buy inexpensive tweets or publish a Facebook post or tweets from suitable Twitter accounts or fan pages and use them, for example, to advertise your YouTube review video or a direct affiliate program link.

Guest article with a link to a suitable product

Instead of renting a banner space, you buy a guest article. E.g. In order to advertise in a beauty blog an affiliate link to a hyped cosmetic product with a test or a product presentation. Make sure that the traffic is high enough, the blog is related to the product being advertised and your revenue share per product sale is high enough to make this type of advertising worthwhile.

Affiliate marketing with business cards and flyers

Affiliate marketing can also be used offline with e.g. flyers, business cards or personal recommendations. You don’t even have to distribute these yourself, if there is a disrepute there are sellers who, for example, distribute 1000 flyers at school for little money.

Personal Recommendation

Tell your friends about it, if you are excited about a new product, share your personal affiliate link with them. Example: You have an electric unicycle and are so excited about this new type of mobility.

Buy newsletter advertising

Search Ebay.com or similar sites for suitable newsletters and place your advertising with the appropriate partner program. Practice makes perfect here, because email marketing requires a feel for psychology and keeping readers interested.

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Not everything is necessarily easier than affiliate marketing through blogging and niche sites, but there are easy ways to make money online that anyone can learn and that can sometimes be superior to blogging.

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